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Saving time in the kitchen

Everyone who comes to our restaurant wants to get freshly cooked food, which means we need to get it out to them quickly. That means we need to have great systems in place to help us produce our dishes as quickly as possible. We have some great suppliers who support us with prepared vegetables and other partially cooked ingredients so that we can get our great tasting meals out to our customers as soon as possible. I thought it would be fun to start a blog with all of our food service hacks, as I know commercial kitchens all have and need them.

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Two Catering Tips For Baby Shower Success!

From bridal bashes to baby showers, gathering the girls together for a classy high tea is something a lot of Australian ladies enjoy doing. Since you are going to organise one as part of the baby shower for your best friend, it is important you give careful thought to the food requirements before you discuss your needs with the catering company. These two tips will help you to order the right type of food so you can hopefully keep every single one of the guests happy.

Remember The Mum-To-Be

The mum-to-be is going to love attending her high tea, but obviously, there are several foods that should be off the catering list because of the potential health hazard they pose. Make sure the caterer is aware they are catering for a baby shower so they don't include the following foods on their menu:

  • raw seafood such as salmon or prawns
  • deli meats such as ham or salami
  • soft cheeses such as brie or camembert

All of these items have the potential to harm the baby, so if the guest-of-honour can't eat them, it's only fair not to have them on the table. Also, don't forget that some herbal teas are not good for pregnant women, so stick to traditional black and green teas such as Earl Grey or breakfast blends.

Remember The Coeliac Crowd

Did you know that 1 in 100 Australians could have the coeliac disease, but some have not been officially diagnosed yet? The big problem to those with coeliac is gluten, which is found in wheat and barley. Therefore, bread is a problem for coeliac suffers. Since you can't have a high tea without little fancy finger sandwiches, what gluten free options could your caterer put together for this gathering?

Gluten-free bread is now readily available, so ask the caterer to make a plate of sandwiches using this. Cucumber or chicken salad sandwiches, for example, will taste just as good on this type of bread as ordinary white. Also, ask your caterer to provide a gluten-free sweet treat for these guests so they don't miss out on the little cakes and pastries that will be passed around. These treats are made using ingredients such as almond flour so your guests don't have to miss out.

Your mum-to-be is going to have a wonderful time surrounded by friends and family as you enjoy a high tea to celebrate the impending birth. Using these tips to get just the right type of fancy finger food from your caterers is going to make sure it is a perfect party.