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Saving time in the kitchen

Everyone who comes to our restaurant wants to get freshly cooked food, which means we need to get it out to them quickly. That means we need to have great systems in place to help us produce our dishes as quickly as possible. We have some great suppliers who support us with prepared vegetables and other partially cooked ingredients so that we can get our great tasting meals out to our customers as soon as possible. I thought it would be fun to start a blog with all of our food service hacks, as I know commercial kitchens all have and need them.

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4 Things to Analyse Before Choosing an Event Catering Supply Company

Catering services are among the most profitable businesses today. If you wish to join the food industry and stay ahead of the competition, you need the right equipment and knowledge on how to run a catering business. Therefore, you have to find a catering equipment supplier who offers the utensils and cookware you need for your business.

Various considerations come into play when choosing an event catering supply company. Here are a few factors that can help you identify a suitable one.

1. Check the Availability of the Products You Need

List all the products you need for the types of events you want to target and get a supplier who offers all the necessary utensils. Sometimes, the menu items for an event need specific products and ingredients that are not easy to obtain; therefore, find a distributor who offers a wide range of supplies. Also, ensure the supplier can provide any unique ingredients when you need them. 

2. Ensure the Supplies Meet Food Safety Standards

It is necessary to follow food safety standards when running a catering business. Therefore, you need to invest in quality catering equipment and utensils that help avoid food contamination. A great supplier understands this and offers clean and safe appliances that guarantee food safety as you prepare or transport the food to the event venue. That way, your catering business is likely to meet all the health and safety standards.

3. Analyse the Type of Packaging Offered

An important aspect when offering catering services is selecting the type of packaging you will use to carry the food. You will have to invest in proper packaging materials that are in line with your business brand and also allow you to conveniently deliver safe food to the venue. 

Choose food packages that allow you to serve both hot and cold meals and ensure customer satisfaction. You can find many event catering suppliers who provide ideal-quality packaging solutions that will suit your needs. 

4. Get Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient cooking apparatuses and appliances can help reduce the amount of energy you use and save money in the long run. A good supplier will offer appliances and equipment that are energy-efficient at affordable rates. 

Getting the ideal supplies for your catering business will set you up for success. Choosing and partnering with the right supplier does not have to be confusing if you know what you need. Most distributors today have a website where you can check the type of products they offer and place your orders. Choose a reliable and experienced distributor who offers a wide range of high-quality products at reasonable prices.