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Saving time in the kitchen

Everyone who comes to our restaurant wants to get freshly cooked food, which means we need to get it out to them quickly. That means we need to have great systems in place to help us produce our dishes as quickly as possible. We have some great suppliers who support us with prepared vegetables and other partially cooked ingredients so that we can get our great tasting meals out to our customers as soon as possible. I thought it would be fun to start a blog with all of our food service hacks, as I know commercial kitchens all have and need them.

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Barbeque Catering | 3 Considerations When Planning Catering For Your Outdoor Barbeque Party

If you're planning to host a barbeque party in your backyard but don't want the hassle of doing all the work on your own, then hiring a professional catering service is a great idea to make an impact on your guests. With several choices available at your fingertips, catering can make your get-together far more appealing. This guide equips you with considerations when planning catering for your outdoor barbeque party.

Establish Whether You Want Catering Staff Or Just Delivery

Many barbeque catering companies offer you the option of simply delivering pre-marinated meats which need to be heated up over the fire. You can also opt for other barbeque supplies like coal, potatoes and salads. If you prefer getting someone else to do the work for you, then you can hire a chef and wait staff to prepare and serve barbeque dishes to your guests. Hiring serving staff is a good option for people who want to sit back and enjoy their own party. You can discuss pricing with your catering company based on the number of guests, staff and hours required.

Determine Whether You Want To Hire Cutlery Or Whether You Have Your Own

Depending on your guest list, you may need to hire cutlery, plates, glasses and napkins. If you have a small guest list, you can probably make do with what you have, but if you have a larger guest list, then it may be wise to hire out these items to reduce the hassle of cleaning up after your party. Many barbeque catering companies offer cutlery, plates and glasses for an additional fee, which you can benefit from if you want to reduce your after-party cleaning work. Apart from cutlery, some catering companies also offer chair and table hire, so you would only have to deal with a single vendor for your outdoor party.

Consider Adding A Variety Of Items To Give Guests More Choices  

Many barbeque catering services offer more than just marinated meats for heating. For instance, some catering services provide optional extras like roast potatoes, coleslaw, fresh vegetable salads, tomato relish, fresh fruit platters, cold meats, snacks and much more to go with the entire get-together. Instead of just opting for a few things, you could bring food variety for your guests by choosing more items in smaller quantities. This allows them the opportunity to choose from a multitude of options when it comes to food at your party. Some catering services even provide beer and wine packages if you're looking for completely hassle-free barbeque catering solutions.

When planning catering for your outdoor backyard party, consider these important factors.